Flipping The Bird


Flipping the bird is a pet peeve of mine.  You know what I’m talking about…  Giving the finger… That one finger salute… the finger wave… flipping someone off… extending your middle finger in that obscene gesture. I don’t like it, and someone flipped me off today. I’m still a work in progress with swearing on occasion I’ll admit, but for some reason flipping the bird I find offensive.  Go figure…

I was stopped behind a student driver at a 4 way stop sign, and the poor guy sat there in front of me at that stop sign for 15 seconds trying to decide whether to go or not. (there were no other cars there!) I didn’t honk because he’s a new driver, I was cutting him some slack… he was learning. You may not think 15 seconds is a long time, but look at your watch and let 15 seconds go by.  Do it, I’ll wait…

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… 11… 12… 13… 14… 15!!!

See?! It’s a long time when no one else is at the other stop signs! So I waited… and he finally went. I follow him up another block to another stop sign, and now there’s a car behind ME! Again we wait, but this time not only were there cars at the other stop sign, when I looked to the right I could see the flashing lights way down the street of an ambulance coming and I could faintly hear the siren. This time he was waiting because he HAD to. So Mr. Impatient behind me starts honking and throwing his hands up in the air behind me. I nicely point in the direction of the ambulance so Mr. Impatient can see why no one is moving. He flipped me the bird. FLIPPED ME THE BIRD!?!?!? I was still nice and just pointed a little more emphatically to the ambulance which was now close enough that he could see it. So Mr. Impatient finally saw the ambulance and just nodded his head and mouthed the word “Ohhh…” I hope he was wishing he could take it back, right?

Here’s the thing… I have a ton of bad habits. TON OF BAD HABITS! For some reason bird flipping was never one of them. I think because I grew up in the Los Angeles area when I was little I probably thought someone would shoot me if I flipped the bird, so I learned not to do that. I’m really glad of that though, you know why?

You can’t unflip a bird.


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