Everywhere I look, this is what I see!!! I think people feel pressured to pick a side, because it’s all everyone is talking about in social media right now.

I do have a bit of a different perspective than I’ve been seeing out there in the media in that I don’t feel pressured to pick a side. It’s all this hate back and forth that I’m having a hard time with. Let me start with a picture…


Seriously though, think about it… what did you think his answer would be? He’s a 91 year old conservative christian man. You could have come to my house and asked me how he felt about that, and I could have told you this. It’s not exactly a shocker. The owner’s of In-N-Out are conservative Christians too. I would bet they share the same beliefs, BUT… if they were smart, they wouldn’t share it publicly in a forum that would create the firestorm that’s currently happening. There’s a ton more christian owned companies than Chick-fil-a and In-N–Out, that’s a whole lot of boycotting, amirite?!

Here’s where I have a problem with what happened…


Satan is having a FIELD DAY with this whole controversy. All that hate and fighting going on? He is loving it… sometimes Christians can be judgemental, some more than others, but still… I want to speak to those people today and tell you this:

A sin, is a sin, is a sin, is a sin, etc. Right? Why is it that we tend to attack the sins we aren’t guilty of? I hear people say all the time “hate the sin, not the person.” I hate that phrase. You know why? Because when people say that, they are saying that about someone else’s sin, and never their own. They would never say “well, I had an affair but don’t hate me, hate the sin.” “I’m 50 lbs overweight because of my gluttony, but don’t hate me, hate the sin.” When you go out in the world finger pointing at everyone’s sins that YOU perceive, what you are telling these people is that there is no place for you in God’s kingdom, and God doesn’t want you or love you. A pastor I know took down all the NO SMOKING signs at his church because in staring at that sign one day, he thought that those big glaring signs were saying just that. “If you smoke, go away. We don’t want you here.” I know another pastor that said that in talking to another pastor one day, the pastor told him that they nearly shut down a small town grocery story for an entire day because they were boycotting the magazine they carried which had an advertisement for a strip club. He was proud of it because the grocery store had to quit carrying the magazine because of the effect the boycott had on his business. This pastor told him of the damage he had created in trying to do the right thing. That grocery store is the livelihood of people who have nothing to do with that magazine! How do you think they feel about Christians after that? You have to be careful in being so judgemental. Remember that Jesus died for everyone on this earth, no matter their color, religion AND whether or not they are gay or straight. God loves them, and in the book of John, Jesus tells us to love each other as God has loved us. Stop telling gay people that Jesus doesn’t love them!

What if everyone started attacking a sin that YOU were guilty of?  Would that empower you or enrage you? Think about your actions. Are they bringing people to Christ, or turning them off to Christ?

It’s a lot easier being the finger pointer than the finger pointee.


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