Welcome to College! Your Faith is Now Under Attack!


If you’re a Christian riding on the faith of your parents, it’s time to take your own leap of faith. In college you are likely to have a professor that is a vocal atheist that will try to pick your faith apart every chance they get. So far, I’ve had two very blatant attempts by professors to shake the foundation of my faith, and I’m a relatively new believer.

I have heard the Bible compared to mythology, believing that God exists being compared to believing that leprechaun exist, religion is a virus of your mind, we evolved from primates, and the list goes on and on… It’s a little scary that parents send their kids off to college to get an education and in the process, some professors are sending a wasteland of atheists back out into the world. In teaching them to think, they are teaching them to question the most important things that parents have tried to instill in them their whole lives!

To parents I say, don’t keep yourself in the dark about what’s going on in college. Help your student spiritually prepare for the pending attack. Talk to them about school and what they are learning in college so you can give them effective spiritual support. Pray with them and for them.

To students I say, You’re a grown-up now. If you’re going away to college, there’s no one to get you up for church on Sundays, wash your clothes, cook you dinner, wake you up for school, or any other things that you may be used to your momma doing for you. Make sure you are still attending church, praying daily, reading God’s word, maybe even finding a spiritual mentor to help you through any rough patches you encounter. God gave you that brain, so don’t let others think for you!

I guess I should be glad that I live in the USA at the place and time that I do. My faith is under attack by ridicule, eye rolls, and verbal attacks. I’m grateful it isn’t a time where I could be stoned to death, beheaded, tortured, or fed to lions or even in a country today where I could be imprisoned and even killed.

In anthropology class one day we learned everything dies. Probably pretty sad and depressing for an evolutionist, but not for a creationist…


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