Goal Setting



Did anyone make resolutions this year? Gonna lose weight? Get fit? Spend more time with your family? These are some of the most popular resolutions people make. A resolution is an intention waiting for a plan. It is a wish list. If you really want to follow through with your resolutions this year, let me suggest that you get down to some good old-fashioned goal writing. Set SMART goals. “Specific, Motivational, Action-oriented, Relevant, and Time-bound (achieveable).” Here’s a few examples:

Resolution: Lose weight
1. Eliminate fast food.
2. Eat at home.
3. Incorporate veggies into every meal.
4. For every fat-filled recipe you love, find a healthy version of it to prepare.
5. Have meatless Mondays.

Resolution: Get fit
1. Walk 5 days a week
2. Sign up for a 5k (ask friends to sign up with you, it’s FUN!)
3. Find a workout buddy to hold each other accountable
4. Join a gym and GO!!! (set specific days and times)
5. Sign up for a month of yoga and try it out (its awesome!)

Resolution: Spend more time with my family
1. Have family game night every week
2. Eat dinner together 3 times a week
3. Plan family activities

Resolution: Read the entire bible in a year
1. Wake a half hour each day to read
2. Have an iPad, iPhone? Sign up for a reading plan through the YouVersion app.

I think you get the idea. Don’t just make resolutions without a plan or it will be just like every year in the past. Make this year the year that you follow through with those resolutions by setting some goals.


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